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Illinois: Big Ten's Savior?

Last year, despite a Rose Bowl bid the previous season, Illinois didn't even get to a bowl game after three straight losses to finish the season.
This season, with such players as Juice Williams and Arrelious Benn and the other 6 returning starters, Illinois looks to have one of the top offenses in the country, but hardly ANYONE is talking. The public's infatuation with the Big 12, SEC, USC, and the Big Ten's big three have kept such teams as Illinois WAY under the radar.
Quietly, Benn has become the best Wide Receiver in the nation, and Ron Zook has put together quite a team.

The shock of Illinois' appearance in the Rose Bowl was only matched by the shock of their three losses including one to Western Michigan to close out the season. There are a few things that point to this season being better. Their Turnover margin last year was -6 which is bad. That is likely to improve. Also, they lost 27 starts to injury which is not likely to repeat. Either one of those things improve they make this season much better.

There are problems with this coming year however, as their schedule is very, very tough. 3 of their first 4 games are Missouri, Ohio State, and Penn State. They finish off their season with two straight games against tough OOC opponents as well, going to Cincinnati and then playing Fresno State. 8 of the 12 teams they play made a bowl last year, and three of them went to a BCS bowl.
Also, they're defense is hurting after losing Brit Miller and Vontae Davis to the draft. But, if their defense even approaches last year's strength, the offense should keep them going.

As most of you know, the Big Ten is hurting. Ohio State is the only team you can count on being near the top year to year. Even Penn State didn't stay near the top in 06 and 07. Michigan, who used to be a team you could count on being in or around the BCS every year has fallen on hard times, having their first losing season since 1967 last year. Iowa is good for 8-4 every year, and Mich State is improving, but every other team in the Big Ten can't stick more than one winning season together anymore. The bowl record the past four years is atrocious at 9-20. If the Big Ten could just get another team to be a contender year in and year out, and possibly get a third team to finish in the top ten, it just might be ok.

Enter Illinois. Ron Zook this year has a team that just might fit the bill.

An early win against Mizzou could put them on the map, but then they have two straight killer games as they go to Columbus for OSU and play the Nittany Lions at home. It's possible they go into week 6 with a 1-3 record. But, if they are 2-2 or even, dare I say, 3-1, going into that stretch, they should win every other game. On Dec 6th this year, if Illinois is looking at a 10-2 record, we've got 3 top ten teams coming out of the Big Ten.

Look out nation, here come the Fighting Illini.
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No BCS Playoff in Your Stocking. Ever.

Reason:  The Only People Who Want it Are the Fans.


How can there ever be a playoff?  Using any conference tiebreaker except the Big 12’s and <st1:state w:st="on">Texas</st1:state> demolishes <st1:state w:st="on">Missouri</st1:state> and would be heading for a date with <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Florida</st1:place></st1:state>.  Because of the history and tradition of the Rose Bowl, <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Illinois</st1:place></st1:state> gets killed by USC last year instead of a more competitive game.  <st1:placename w:st="on">Boise</st1:placename> <st1:placetype w:st="on">State</st1:placetype> beats <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Oklahoma</st1:place></st1:state> in perhaps the most entertaining BCS game ever and can’t even get enough respect to go back to a BCS game even after going undefeated due to their “easy” schedule and weak conference.

<o:p> </o:p>

It is apparent that as a fan, my passionate opinion for a true championship system gets grouped together with all the other crazy fans and is largely ignored by anyone and everyone who would have a decision in changing it anything close to what I want.  I decided there must be something I was missing so I looked under a few rocks and tried to find those BCS deciders to discover what was going on.  

<o:p> </o:p>

Ten Reasons There Isn’t a Playoff Right Now:<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

Football alas is very different from every other sport in many ways and its very nature leads the sport into a hopeless morass.  Consider:


    1. Football can only be played once a week.  It’s much easier to cram a championship into 18 days when you can play two or even three games a week.  Lower division football teams play fewer games and don’t have a bowl to worry about.  It’s over by mid-December.    
    2. Football is played outdoors and in the fall.  Is this fair to cold weather sites stuffed with 100,000 fans to endure a couple more games on icy tundras in December?  How could you get new recruits?  Cold weather baseball teams already have this problem in the springs.  Or do you select neutral domed sites and ask these fans to travel two or three times more every year?  In this economy?
    3. Football is an all male sport with no female equivalent.  Title IX anyone?
    4. Football is usually the sport that pays for all the other sports at a given university.  There a fear that if someone screws around with it too much maybe <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Wisconsin</st1:place></st1:state> has to drop their baseball team (already happened) or maybe Vanderbilt drops basketball (though I hope not SEC fans).
    5. Football ends its season just when students take their final exam.  Any games scheduled at that time would indeed hamper students taking exams, as some university presidents have said.  Most college basketball teams take that week off so the students can study.
    6. Most college football players are students and will never play another game after they graduate.  They got a scholarship and supposedly have something they studied while they played so they can get a job.  Is it fair to them? 
    7. Bowl games used to be a reward for a well-played season.  Teams have to practice for a month or more just to play that last game.  The team dynamics from fall ball are very different after such a hiatus (look at <st1:state w:st="on">Florida</st1:state> and <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:placename w:st="on">Ohio</st1:placename> <st1:placetype w:st="on">State</st1:placetype></st1:place> two years ago).  It’s a lot of pressure to put on a bowl game six weeks after the regular season.
    8. Bowl games have conference tie-ins and rivalries and affiliations and network contracts and all kinds of wonderful traditions that don’t include whittling down to a champion.  The Rose Bowl would rather choose a Pac 10-Big 10 matchup than the best two teams left in the rankings (like last year).  What’s wrong with that?
    9. Football has three completely levels of play at best.  The so-called “BCS conferences,” the “non-BCS conferences” and the FBS teams which still play BCS teams (much to the chagrin of <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Michigan</st1:place></st1:state>).  The thing I like best about March Madness is the first weekend, seeing small colleges play with the big boys.  Football can never play those types of playoffs.  Why even have a playoff if you’re not going to give all teams at least a little chance? 
    10. Finally, now that the universities, conferences, and bowls have had their say, let’s really talk about the money.  A playoff would generate a lot of income, yes.  So much money it’s hard to imagine.  Yet, who would the money go to?  The BCS teams?  Probably.  The networks?  Probably.  Non-BCS teams?  Probably not.  BCS Conference Cellar-Dwellers?  Maybe, maybe not (sorry Indiana and Baylor).  Is it good for college football for the rich to get richer and the poor to suffer?  It’s not like a new owner can instill more money and restart a program.        

<o:p> </o:p>

So football is just too difficult to have a playoff structure in its present form.

<o:p> </o:p>

5 Things That Have to Happen for a Playoff (but won’t)<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

1.      The BCS conferences would all have to be run similarly.  That means, the same number of teams, the same decision to have a championship game or not, the same drive to crown a champion.  I get the impression that the Pac 10 and Big 10 would be just as happy to go back to the way it was in the seventies.  On the other hand, I get the impression the SEC would trim games to get the playoffs started baby.  And who would the twelfth Big Ten team be?  What would the Big East do?

2.      Some playoff games would have to be played in December, before student exams, then again after the exams.  That means only one or two bowl games a year would be part of the playoffs, rotating each year.  This is not a simple thing to overcome.   

3.      The NCAA would have to play ball with the BCS.  Currently they are separate entities that have nothing to do with each other and different priorities.  That would have to change.  That means compromises and time.

4.      The chasm between the “BCS” and “non-BCS” teams would have to grow, possibly even splitting.  The best they could hope for now is one at-large spot in an eight-team playoff.  Any good programs like <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Utah</st1:place></st1:state> or Brigham Young would have to decide whether to be a big fish in a small pond or try and get in a better conference.  Cinderella teams would be someone like <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Cincinnati</st1:place></st1:city> who won the Big East this year but would be a low seed and a heavy dog against the likes of any other BCS conference winner.  Not really my idea of a Cinderella.

5.      The network contract would have to be renegotiated.  Right now it goes to 2014 I think.  Nothing is going to happen until we get past that at least, and if the others on this list aren’t dealt with, it won’t happen then either.  I may die first.

<o:p> </o:p>

Sorry to say I don’t see the last list of five things happening because of the first list of ten things.  Face it gang:  there’s no BCS Playoff in anyone’s Christmas Stocking.  Ever.

<o:p> </o:p>

2 Alternatives<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

  1. Plus-One.  My son likes this one.  So do a lot of pundits.  I think it will invite the same kinds of arguments only a few weeks later.  It’s still too subjective.   
  2. OK, I only have one alternative.  Do you have any?
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Ohio State vs Texas: Fiesta Bowl preview

Ohio State is 4-1 in the Fiesta Bowl all-time with the only loss being in 1981 to Penn State. The wins were over Pitt, Miami, Kansas State, and Notre Dame.

Ohio State is 5-0 in Bowls vs the Big 12. Check that. FIVE AND ZERO, with two wins over Texas A&M, one win over Colorado, one win over Kansas State, and one win over Oklahoma State.

In bowl games not against the SEC, Jim Tressel is 5-0 (overall 5-3), including 2-0 vs the Big 12. He is also 3-0 in all non-championship BCS games (all of them in the Fiesta Bowl).

Texas is 2-3 vs current Big Ten schools in bowl games with wins in the 06 Alamo Bowl over Iowa and 05 Rose Bowl over Michigan, and losses to Iowa in the 84 Freedom bowl and Penn State in both the 97 Fiesta and the 72 Cotton.

In the Fiesta Bowl, Texas is currently 0-1 with one loss to Penn State in 1997.

In Mack Brown's tenure, he is 7-3 in bowls including 2-0 vs the Big Ten in bowl games. In BCS bowls, he is 2-0 with wins over USC in the National Title game and Michigan in the previous Rose Bowl.

Ohio State and Texas have only met twice before, once in 2005 and the other in 2006. Texas won the first matchup with stellar QB Vince Young on their way to the National Championship. Ohio State won the second meeting on their way to the NC game, but lost there. This match will effectively break the tie.

Posted on: November 30, 2008 9:06 pm

Week 15: Championship Week

Last week, a lot was decided in the way of conferences and bowls as well.
The Big 12 has been making the biggest news with the tiebreaker the idiots writing the rules in that conference came up with. The 5th tiebreaker is BCS ranking, and Oklahoma won out. Now, I do believe Oklahoma should be ranked higher, but I think Texas should be the winner of the Big 12 south. That tiebreaker is the stupidest idea I've heard so far, adding to the problems with the BCS.
The SEC has now ended their regular season with 8 bowl eligible teams, and an historic conference championship game. Alabama and Florida will most definitely decide 1/2 of the National Championship teams. (My predictions for these games are later in the blog.)
The ACC had a good week, with Georgia Tech upsetting Georgia, becoming the highest ranked ACC school. But, GT won't be going to the ACC championship game. That honor will go to the same teams as it did last year, Virginia Tech and Boston College.
Cincinnati, by beating Syracuse, has clinched the Big East spot in the BCS.
Oregon State blew their shot for the Rose Bowl, by losing to rival Oregon. USC has control of their destiny. If they beat rival UCLA, they go to the Rose Bowl. If they don't, the Oregon Ducks get that honor.
We already now about Utah, and their spot in the BCS, but the question now falls to Boise State. Will we see two? Or will Ohio State take that last at-large and become the 2nd Big Ten team after Penn State, who clinched the conference last week.
If not, a Boise State vs Ball State Humanitarian Bowl has been hinted at. I would love to watch this game, and the ratings for this Dec 30th bowl would be through the roof.

My top 10:
1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas
5. USC
6. Penn State
7. Texas Tech
8. Utah
9. Boise State
10. Ohio State

Here are my predictions:

SEC championship Game: Alabama vs Florida-
Alabama is the only undefeated BCS team right now, a rare feat. But, I believe Florida to be the best team in the country. Nick Saban's guys are good enough to win, but Tebow and the Gators have more overall talent.
Florida 34- Alabama 28

ACC championship Game: Virginia Tech vs Boston College-
In this rematch of last year's title game, expect the defense and special teams of VT to get ahead of the Eagles early, and hold on.
VT 24- BC 14

Big 12 champoionship Game: Oklahoma vs Missouri
Imagine if Missouri were to win this game....It would be the biggest problem the BCS will have ever had. Wouldn't that be fun? Oh well, don't expect Stoops and the Sooners to let this oppurtunity slip by them.
Oklahoma 42- Missouri 30

CUSA championship Game: Tulsa vs East Carolina
Both of these teams had their time in the spotlight this season. And for a while were both looked at as BCS busters. Guess they're going to have to settle for the Liberty Bowl. Tulsa has a lot more talent offensively, but I see Skip Holtz pulling this one out with his Defense and Special Teams play.
ECU 34- Tulsa 21

MAC championship Game: Ball State vs Buffalo
Buffalo is looking at their first Bowl bid since the 50s. That's a big enough accomplishment for them. Ball State is looking for a lot more.
BSU 42- Buffalo 21

Other games:

UCLA is looking to end USC's Rose Bowl hopes in none other than.....the Rose Bowl. They've done this upset before, but they just don't have the talent this year for it. Expect a blowout.
USC 38- UCLA 13

Army vs Navy-
I love watching this game. It's what College Football is all about. Navy is already the best Independant team, expect them to sweeten that Poinsettia Bowl a little more.
Navy 28- Army 14

South Florida vs West Virginia-
At the beginning of this season, I predicted both of these teams would be undefeated and would be playing for one of the spots in the National Title game. Oh well, shows how much I know. Pat White and the 'Neers are too good for the Bulls this year.
WVU 35- USF 17

Heisman Top 5:
Sam Bradford
Colt McCoy
Tim Tebow
Graham Harrell
Michael Crabtree
Odd man out: Shonn Greene

BCS Bowl Predictions-
NC Game: Florida vs Oklahoma
Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs Ohio State
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Utah
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati

Posted on: November 23, 2008 7:06 pm

Week 14

Well, the final game of the regular season is over. Ohio State SMASHING Michigan caps off a pretty good season. Not what we wanted, but not bad either.
The SEC now has filled their Bowl obligations with 8 bowl-eligible teams. Most likely, however, two SEC teams will make the BCS and one SEC bid will be given to someone else. The only way that wouldn’t happen, would be if Auburn beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl. In short, NOT HAPPENING.
The Big 12 South is now a clusterf@!k, as there is no clear way to place one team ahead of another. Texas Tech lost last, which will hurt them the most while Oklahoma winning last will help them the most. Texas’ situation is incredibly complex. If Oklahoma wins against Ok State, they will most likely pass Texas in the BCS standing (the last tiebreaker), but if Oklahoma loses, Texas Tech would get in ahead of the Longhorns. They better be rooting for Baylor. But, the North is secure as Missouri has locked it up.
Now, the ACC has one of the most interesting stats in the country. When a ranked ACC team plays an unranked ACC team, which has happened 19 times this year, the unranked team has won 16 times and the ranked team has only won 3 times. Hmmmm…. Virginia Tech is one win away from clinching the ACC Coastal and if Boston College win their last game (against Maryland) they’ll win the Atlantic and play the Hokies in a rematch. But, if the Eagles lose, the Seminoles take the spot.
Cincinnati has all but clinched the Big East. All they need to do is beat Syracuse. If they don’t, West Virginia wins it if they win. But, if West Virginia loses to USF, Rutgers, Cincy, and WVU split the title and Cincy gets the BCS bid because of overall record.
Oregon State is only one win away from winning the Rose Bowl bid and leaving Ohio State outside of the BCS. The Civil War has never meant more.
It’s clear now that the Utes have clinched the non-BCS spot in the BCS leaving Boise State to play in the Humanitarian Bowl against Whogivesacrap State. Ball State beat my beloved Chippewas and clinches the MAC West, but will not make the BCS.
The Big Ten is sending 7 teams to a bowl. Depending on what Oregon State does, might send two to the BCS.

My Top 10:
1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas
5. USC
6. Texas Tech
7. Penn State
8. Utah
9. Ohio State
10. Boise State

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State:
Interesting matchup. The Cowboys seem to always upset the Sooners in this matchup. But not this time.
Oklahoma 42- Ok State 35

Just not fair. The Trojans will MURDER the Bruins and all USC can do about the Rose Bowl is pray.
USC 38- UCLA 17

Oregon @ Oregon State:
The Beavers face their biggest rival in their most important game of the season. The Rodgers bros. will carry this team all the way to Pasadena.
Or State 31- Oregon 27

Boston College vs Maryland:
Maryland should take this game and send the Seminoles to the ACC champ game.
Mayland 34- BC 21

Missouri vs Kansas:
Great rivalry, but the Jayhawks just don’t have the team to match up with the Tigers.
Mizzou 41- KU 31

Conf Champ Games: <del>Winner
ACC: Florida State vs Virginia Tech</del> FSU
Big 12: Oklahoma vs Missouri- OU
SEC: Alabama vs Florida- UF
MAC: Buffalo vs Ball State- BSU
CUSA: Houston vs East Carolina- ECU

BCS Bowls:
NC Game: Florida vs Oklahoma
Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs USC
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Cincinnati
Rose Bowl: Penn State vs Oregon State
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Utah

Heisman Top 5:
1. Sam Bradford
2. Graham Harrell
3. Colt McCoy
4. Tim Tebow
5. Michael Crabtree
Moving Up: Brian Johnson
Going Down: Javon Ringer

Posted on: November 16, 2008 8:10 pm

Week 13: Ohio State vs Michigan

It's like the week before Christmas here in Columbus. And this year, for the first time in a while, there's almost no apprehension. Michigan has no chance.
But, I digress, let's get to what happened last week.
A couple of nail-biters in the SEC, with Georgia beating Auburn 17-13 after they knocked down the tigers pass as the clock ran out, and LSU having to score 37 unanswered points to beat Troy, 40-31. (
Florida had a GREAT day beating the crap out of the Gamecocks who had no business even being in the same state as the Gators. Alabama looked a little iffy at first but ended up beating the Bulldogs of Miss State pretty handily. Things don't look good for the SEC bowl-eligibility wise, as only 8 are, 2 aren't, and for the other 2 to get in, Auburn has to beat Alabama, and Arkansas has to beat BOTH Miss State and LSU, which I doubt.
The Big 12 may only send seven though, as only seven are eligible, and Colorado has to beat Nebraska in Lincoln to be 6-6. Besides that, the top of the conference is looking good for the bowls. 3 of the top 5 are in the Big 12 and Ok State and Mizzou are 12 and 13 respectively.
The Big East may match that seven, Rutgers (after trouncing South Florida) only has to win one more game (Army should be easy) to have 6 wins, and Louisville might be able to beat Rutgers and get thiers. Cincinnati and Pitt are playing next week for, most likely, the conference championship.
ACC teams keep dropping out of the top 20 like flies, with Maryland beating North Carolina, and Florida State losing to Boston College.
But, it is not impossible that EVERY SINGLE ACC TEAM ATTAINS BOWL ELIGIBILITY. Improbable maybe, but not impossible.
The Pac 10 has an interesting story too. USC is the best and highest ranked team in the Pac 10, but right now, Oregon State has the tiebreaker. If Oregon State wins out, they get the Rose Bowl bid. I would HATE that as USC would most likely get the at-large BCS bid ahead of Ohio State.
Utah has only one more win to recieve the automatic non-BCS bid. All they have to do is win the Holy War. If they were to lose that, however, Boise State would get that bid. They have to @Nevada and then against Fresno State though, and they aren't pushovers. If both lose, then there's Ball State. The Cardinals though, have the 2-time defending MAC champions to contend with on Wednesday, and if they would somehow beat the Chippewas, have the Western Michigan Broncos on their schedule. If all three were to lose, then the ones to pick up that bid would be TCU who has two losses.
The Big Ten has 7 teams eligible right now, and to get the 8th, Illinois would have to beat Northwestern, which isn't as easy as it would sound. Even 8 teams though, would be a step down from the 9 from last year.
Now, on to the main attraction:
Ohio State vs Michigan:
OSU rushing offense vs UM rushing defense: Edge-OSU
The O-Line has finally got their act together and Beanie is still the best RB in the country. Michigan hasn't been able to stop many rushing offenses this year either.
OSU passing offense vs UM passing defense: Edge-OSU
Pryor has really been improving his passing and his receivers are some of the best in the Big Ten. Michigan's passing defense is one of the worst in the Big Ten and this won't be much of a problem.
OSU rushing defense vs UM rushing offense: Edge-OSU
This might be the only place Michigan comes close but Ohio State has one of the best rushing defenses in the country and can stop practically anyone.
OSU passing defense vs UM passing offense: Edge-OSU
Malcolm Jenkins is the best corner in the country and he has some of the best DBs in the Big Ten around him. The Wolverines haven't been lighting it up through the air so far this year.
Special Teams: Edge-Even
Although Michigan isn't nearly as talented, their brightest spot has been special teams and Ohio State has made quite a few mistakes this year.
Intangibles: Edge-UM
Ohio State is playing at home, but Michigan has a lot more to play for. This is their bowl game. If Rich Rod wins, he'll be given the benefit of the doubt, but if he loses, he'll be getting death threats from half of Ann Arbor. But, Michigan has nothing to lose, and Ohio State has everything to lose.
Prediction: Ohio State shouldn't have a problem, but this is why these games are played. Michigan has the intangibles, and history on their side. But Ohio State has no business losing this game.
OSU 34- Michigan 10

Other Predictions:
Wednesday Game- Central Michigan vs Ball State: CMU 42-BSU 35
The Chippewas have to win this game to get their 3rd straight MAC West Championship. It's an upset, but the Chips have had a tougher schedule so far, and should be better prepared for this game.

Utah vs BYU: Utah 31-BYU 35
BYU fell out of the National Spotlight when they lost to TCU, but people have forgotten that the Cougars are not a bad team. Utah will be expecting to win, and BYU should upset the Utes.

Cincinnati vs Pitt: Cincy 24-Pitt 34
The Panthers started the season badly with their loss to Bowling Green and then had their butts kicked by Rutgers. The Bearcats are a good team too, but Pitt and Shady McCoy should get the win.

Penn State vs Michigan State: PSU 28-MSU 17
The Nittany Lions have a better team, and their defense should hold Javon Ringer at bay well enough to get this win.

Oklahoma vs Texas Tech: OU 45-TTech 42
Oklahoma has a better defense than the Red Raiders and I see Bradford leading the Sooners to victory and really screwing up the BCS. Should be fun.

Maryland vs Florida State: Maryland 27-FSU 28
The Terrapins have been able to beat every ranked team they've played this year. But, I don't see the Seminoles losing two in a row.

Oregon State @ Arizona: Or State 35- Ariz 24
As much as I want the Beavers to lose, I think they are too good a team, and I don't expect them to lose again.

My Top 10:
1. Alabama
2. Texas Tech
3. Florida
4. Texas
5. USC
6. Oklahoma
7. Penn State
8. Utah
9. Boise State
10. Ohio State

Heisman top 5:
1. Graham Harrell
2. Colt McCoy
3. Tim Tebow
4. Sam Bradford
5. Michael Crabtree

Bowl Predictions:
NC Game- Texas vs Florida
Sugar Bowl- Alabama vs USC
Fiesta Bowl- Missouri vs Pittsburgh
Rose Bowl- Oregon State vs Penn State
Orange Bowl- Miami vs Boise State

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Week 12: Ohio State @ Illinois

I'm BAAACK!!! Sorry for taking a week off. (It's not like you care what I say anyway)
Last week was very important to the BCS. We know a lot more about teams than we did before and the bowl picture is crystalizing.
The SEC title game is already set, Florida vs Alabama, which will most likely decide a spot to the National Title game. Alabama's OT win over LSU and Florida's thrashing of Vandy were the most important games in the SEC last week. Georgia over Kentucky was exciting, but nothing really came out of it. And Wyoming beat Tennessee, which makes me very happy. LOL
We may already know who will be in the SEC title game, but the ACC is still WIDE open. North Carolina took a lead rankings-wise and will most likely end up in the ACC championship for the Coastal division. Florida State also took a lead in the Atlantic with their win over Clemson.
The Big 12 south is still wide open as well, with Texas Tech in front right now, but with one loss, the division would be decided by BCS rankings, which would be a NIGHTMARE. The Big 12 North is seemingly wrapped up, with Missouri in the lead. Texas Tech's win over Ok State was VERY impressive, giving them a very persuasive argument for #1.
The Big East has a leader in Cincinnati after their win against West Virginia. Cincy's game against Pitt in two weeks will most likely decide the conference.
The Pac 10, who lost their only other top 25 team (besides USC) in Cal, has Oregon State who, if they win out, would have the Pac 10 championship and Rose Bowl bid. Interesting, but unlikely. USC still looks strong however, and still has a shot at the BCS title.
Non-BCS teams are still looking well, with three undefeated and still looking for a BCS bid. Utah and Boise State are #9 and #10, respectively and Ball State is #14. That means they are all eligible to be in a BCS bowl if they win out. TCU, BYU, and Tulsa are ranked, but don't have a shot with their losses.
The Big Ten had an AMAZING game yesterday, with Iowa winning over Penn State. This is a bad thing for my Ohio State but in the end, won't change much. Michigan State is still strong and Ohio State is really picking up steam with their huge win over Northwestern in Evanston. Now for next week's game.
OSU @ Illini
OSU rush offense vs Illini rush defense: Edge-OSU
Illinois has a strong LB core but Ohio State's offensive line has stepped up their game recently and Beanie is still the best RB in the country.
OSU pass offense vs Illini pass defense: Edge-OSU
Terrelle Pryor has really been improving his passing and his WR core is still one of the best in the Big Ten. Illinois has a pretty good secondary, but the Buckeyes' are too good.
OSU rush defense vs Illini rush offense: Edge-Illini
Illinois has a very fast QB in Juice Williams and Ohio State is known to have problems with them.
OSU pass defense vs Illini pass offense: Edge-Even
Juice has been pasing better this year than last and he tore us up last year. I don't see that happening again but he's got some good WRs to throw to and we may have some trouble.
Intangibles: Edge- Illini
Illinois is at home and they're coming off a bad loss. They're going to be seeking revenge and Zook is a very good coach who will have his team ready for this game.
Prediction: Ohio State is much more talented than Illinois top to bottom, but Illinois is the kind of team that can beat us. They'll make it close, but Ohio State ends up with a victory.
OSU 31- Illini 24

Other predictions:

South Carolina @ Florida: UF 38- SC 20
SoCarolina has one of the best D's in the SEC, but Florida's offense is too good for the Gamecocks.

Texas @ Kansas: Texas 42- Kansas 35
Kansas should keep up with Texas in scoring, but can't match the talent in the end.

Oregon State vs Cal: Or State 27- Cal 24
If Oregon State wins out, they'll make the Rose Bowl. They get past the Bears at home this week.

Notre Dame vs Navy: Notre Dame 30- Navy 17
I would love to see the Midshipmen win this one, but I don't see Navy winning this game two years in a row.

Bowl Predictions:
NC game: Florida vs Texas Tech
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Pittsburgh
Rose Bowl: Penn State vs USC
Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs Ohio State
Orange Bowl: North Carolina vs Boise State

Heisman top 5:
1. Graham Harrell
2. Colt McCoy
3. Michael Crabtree
4. Tim Tebow
5. Sam Bradford
Moving up: Javon Ringer
Going Down: Daryll Clark

*new* Conference Championships:
SEC: Florida vs Alabama
ACC: North Carolina vs Florida State
Big 12: Texas Tech vs Missouri
CUSA: East Carolina vs Tulsa
MAC: Central Michigan vs Temple

Posted on: October 27, 2008 4:11 pm

Week 10: Ohio State vs BYE

I can gaurantee we won’t lose this week. Wish I could say that about last week.
Rest of the country: Auburn loses to West Virginia in Morgantown further compounding the evidence that the SEC can’t win in the North. Vandy lost to Duke furthur compounding the evidence that they still suck. They’re gonna have to steal a win to finish off the season if they want to make a bowl. Florida handled Kentucky easily and Georgia took down LSU in Death Valley setting up maybe the best Outdoor Cocktail Party there’s ever been.
Big 12 had a solid weekend, with Texas squeaking a win against Ok State keeps them a #1. Oklahoma looked like they might be upset against the Wildcats of KSU, but they took care of business in the 2nd half and won. Missouri took their season back into their hands by shutting out Colorado.
ACC loses their teams at the bottom of the top 25. Only one left is Florida State, who beat VT at home. With Virginia’s win, they lead the Coastal Division. Crazy ain’t it?
Big East had a bad week with Pitt dropping down to the Scarlet Knights (WOO!) and South Florida losing to Louisville. UConn beat Cinci to move to #25, nice job for them. But the leader of the conference is who we thought it would be before the season started. West Virginia.
Pac 10 moves Oregon into #24 after they won and USC barely beat Arizona which keeps them at #5.
Non-BCS teams are STILL doing well. Last night Tulsa DESTROYED UCF to stay undefeated. Ball State won to stay undefeated too.
TCU and Utah won which sets up a GREAT matchup on Nov. 6th to with a BCS bowl bid on the line. Boise St beat San Jose St to stay undefeated.
The Big Ten had a weird weekend. Both the refs and MSU’s kicker tried to give Michigan the game, but the Spartans still ended up the winner, giving them the Paul Bunyan trophy for the first time in a while. Wisconsin beat Illinois to move both of those teams to .500. Indiana’s upset of Northwestern moves the Wildcats out of the top 25 as well.
The Ohio State/Penn State game was, for me, the best game of the year so far. A great defensive struggle all night, and the better team ended up the victor. Couldn’t have happened to a classier coach. Gotta love JoePa. My mother’s family are all Nittany Lions so I’ve got a soft spot for Penn State.

No game this week. So I’m going to add a few more segments to my Blog this week.

My Top 10:
1. Texas
2. Penn State
3. Alabama
4. USC
5. Texas Tech
6. Oklahoma
7. Georgia
8. Florida
9. Oklahoma State
10. Utah

Top 5 Heisman:
1. Colt McCoy
2. Sam Bradford
3. Tim Tebow
4. Graham Harrell
5. Chase Daniel
Going up: Javon Ringer
Moving Down: Daryll Clark

Week 10 Predictions:

Game of the Week: World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party- Florida vs Georgia:
Florida has Tim Tebow and a Defense that is playing beyond it’s years (no senior starters) but Georgia is one of the most physical teams in the SEC with Knowshon Moreno and that Defense. But, I think Florida got really pissed off last year with that dance in the endzone and will win.
Winner: Florida

Texas @ Texas Tech:
Great game. Graham Harrell has been playing great QB this year and I believe the Red Raiders are below a lot of people’s radar and should win a close game. Texas can’t keep winning can they?
Winner: Texas Tech

Wisconsin @ Michigan State:
Wisconsin showed they aren’t dead yet with their solid win over Illinois last week. Michigan State played their hearts out and beat the rival Wolverines for the first time in a while. But, I don’t think the celebrations are done yet, and the Badgers come in and sneak out a victory.
Winner: Wisconsin

Oklahoma vs Nebraska:
Interesting. Nebraska is not a bad team and Oklahoma showed they could be susceptible to an upset vs Kansas State last week, but I don’t think the Sooners give one up here.
Winner: Oklahoma

Florida State @ Georgia Tech:
Florida State can get a leg-up on the ACC with a win here. Florida State has been rolling recently and GT’s option appears to be having a few problems.
Winner: Florida State

Oregon @ California:
Battle for second best team in the Pac 10. Cal I think has a better team and are playing @ home so I give the edge to the Bears.
Winner: Cal

West Virginia @ UConn:
Might be the Big East Championship. West Virginia has a great offense but their defense is suspect at times. Even with that, I don’t think UConn will put up enough to win.
Winner: WVU

Tulsa @ Arkansas:
Toughest game of the year for Tulsa. This game will decide whether the Golden Hurricane will be undefeated, and I think their offense can do it.
Winner: Tulsa

New BCS Bowl Predictions:
National Championship: Penn State vs USC
Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs Alabama
Sugar Bowl: Florida vs West Virginia
Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Boise State
Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs Texas

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